Canada Digital Adoption Program (CDAP)

The Government of Canada is providing $4 Billion in interest-free loans. Funding small and medium sized businesses to boost your business technology.

Access Grants and Expertise to Transform Your Business

Do you own a small or medium-sized Canadian business? We can help.

Start on a transformative digital journey with BG Accounting Group! Take advantage of the Canadian Digital Adoption Program (CDAP) with our expert guidance. Whether you’re establishing a small business or aiming to enhance your technological capabilities, our digital advisors can be your dedicated partner. Our commerce advisors are committed to improving your digital effectiveness, offering support and guidance.

Get a grant and access to expert advice to increase online sales, reduce costs, better manage inventory and more.

Customized Strategies for Small Businesses

Our experts work with analytics to enhance your business with revenue. We customize strategies for your small businesses to apply to CDAP.  Our brief approach ensures that your digital adoption plan aligns with CDAP program eligibility criteria. 

Grow your Business Online

Get upto $2400 in funding

Canada Digital Adoption Program

We enable established companies to fully utilise CDAP funding and assist business online grants applications which offers a financial boost of upto $2400. We ensure that companies strengthen their online presence with our expert guidance. We provide complete assistance for small to medium-sized businesses. Our experts help companies in getting strong revenue and are dedicated to expanding.

Eligibility criteria:

There are various requirements to meet the eligibility criteria which are as follows:

Boost your business technology grant:

Get upto $15000 in funding

Digital Adoption Plan

Expand the technological capabilities of your company with the $15000 grant. We ensure the aim of increasing productivity and competitiveness for companies. Our experts provide a well-defined strategy for allocating the funds to the adoption.

Eligibility Criteria:

There are various requirements for getting access to $15000 grant which are as follows:

Seamless Application Process

We will make your CDAP application process seamless. We expertly digitise your application by providing a customised Strategy. Ensuring the process that significantly enhances your chances of CDAP approval.


Our advisor will analyse the SWOT analysis. Also, develop a detailed digital strategy to help your business to get both grants at a time. We have   a wealth of experience to the table.

We offer innovative digital strategies and expertly navigate the complexities of the application process. Ensures a laser focus on maximising the benefits of CDAP.

Discover Your Business's Digital Potential

The Canadian Digital Adoption Program is more than just a program. It is a portal to a digitally empowered and prosperous future. We equip you to get the full potential of your business in the dynamic digital era. We help in understanding complexities and opportunities.

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